Healing and Flying

Bodywork at Casa Isabel

Beverly offers d
eeply penetrating sessions of acupressure massage on a cliff-side table overlooking the waterfall.  The passion began three decades ago when she was able to avoid surgery and heal an elbow problem by following directions from a book on shiatsu.  The subsequent use of a mountain of textbooks, a synthesizing mind, and strong hands have enabled her to use accurate pressure to relieve the suffering of many souls. Potent Bodywork – what could be more fun? Most clients butter her up with comments about the best bodywork they have ever had.  You know what the Buddhists say about praise and blame.


Not content with the metaphors of Chinese Medicine, Beverly pounded at “how and why” for long enough to come up with a coherent anatomical translation of the brilliant map of Five Element Acupressure.  Her favorite things include the post-session look on people’s faces, and trading teaching and techniques with other health-care professionals.  In her dreams, Casa Isabel gets organized enough to cut her loose again, giving back time to study, write, publish and teach.

The Opportunity to Fly

For those souls who are looking for even more of a rush
, Chris Parisien has taken passengers on more than 800 tandem paraglider flights.  Along with Aldo, his Mexican partner that he trained, they offer daily tandem flights from two sites above Yelapa, as well as teaching paragliding lessons in weekly blocks for serious students.

By living and flying year-round in Yelapa for over 12 years, Chris and Aldo have learned and intimately understand the wind currents, weather and terrains of Yelapa.

Paragliding is safe and exhilarating, a modern answer to the ancient dream of non-mechanized human flight.  The nylon wings are laid out on a cleared mountainside pointing into the wind, attached to pilot and passenger with sturdy lines and harnesses.  To fly tandem, you need only sturdy shoes and the ability to run on command.  The wing fills with air, rises up, and lifts the running fliers off the ground.  Contrary to myth, there is no jumping off the

mountain involved.

Check out this short YouTube video to go on a flight from Yelapa Tapa to the town beach in March of 2011.

Yelapa paragliding sites are safe and predictable, and passengers have ranged in age from five to eighty-five.  People wishing to fly together can take advantage of two tandem pilots working together.  All flights land on the main beach.

The lower launch site,
Tapita, is a mix of thermal and ridge flying, and soaring is possible most afternoons.  Depending upon many factors, flight times range from five minutes to two hours, and averages around twenty minutes.  Tapita is a walk-up site at 620’ (180m) elevation and the adventure costs US$75.

For a longer ride, from 2150’ (680m) elevation, Yelapa Tapa is a lee-side, late morning, thermal flight.  You climb the hill up to the parking lot, and then take a truck ride for the drive up to the site.  We leave at 10am, and it costs US$150.